At d578uv mobile

AnyTone is prepared to give us prices and specifications at the end of July and to start selling them in August. They said they are still working on features so if anyone thinks they know what the radio will do is only speculating. The only ones who currently have this radio is their beta testers.

They did loan one of their radios to be shown at a HAM show in Germany. They have not been given FCC approval yet so any hardware features is subject to change. The rest of this section is going to be devoted to speculation and why I believe it is true. All they need to do for a production model is have the RF power amplifier work on the third band and have the appropriate filters work on all three bands. They need to be better than the Tytera or the Connect Systems CSD if they want to be dominant in the market like they are with their dual band handheld.

They have other multiband radios so they probably know how to technically implement it. The only thing I could see against them having this tri-band capability is because they might have problems getting it FCC approved. When designing a new product it is much easier to start with an existing product and modify it rather than starting from scratch. Therefore you can expect all of the relevant features that is in their existing portable to be in their new mobile.

You will also find new features because the hardware design is different. The only way possible this is not true if they had a development team start developing the mobile before the portable was almost finished. This is not likely because they probably would not have developed the mobile if the portable was not successful. The radio is going to be true dual receive. The prototype that I seen about a year ago was a dual receive radio.

Only one of the channels could be digital at the same time as the other but it would of been possible for both channels to be analog at the same time. This is a feature that many HAMS want so they will most likely keep that feature in the final version. It is unlikely that dual receive would cause problems with FCC certification.

The radio will not have a removable head but their approach might not matter. In their prototype, they had all of their baseband circuitry in the head and all of the RF circuitry in the chassis.Traditional FM is of course equally supported. Here you can adjust frequency and other parameters as you are used from traditional radios, instead of just using pre-programmed memories. But you are not limited to those memory channels. Another difference to other DMR radios is the possibility to modify most unfortunately not all parameters of the transceiver.

at d578uv mobile

This is useful because you do not need to hook up a computer for each minute change in the settings. Nevertheless, to access and modify really all settings you still the need the CPS programming software and a PC.

Of course you can receive two analog channels simultaneously as well. For easy setting each of the two bands has it's own volume control, which are assigned to one VFO each.

The transmit power can be set in four levels, max. The further feature set of the DUV is very extensive. Up to different channels can be stored digital and analogue, mixed operation also possible ; talk groups can be configured and the memory holds up todigital contacts.

Thus the complete worldwide DMR user database can be stored in the device. A tone burst of Hz is also available. A total of 10 buttons on the radio and microphone can be individually assigned functions, allowing users to set their own personal preferences. The brightness of the 1. This guarantees ideal readability even in sunlight and glare-free operation while driving in the dark.

When roaming, the system checks whether a repeater is reachable from a predefined list and automatically sets it if necessary. The trigger for roaming can be a manual start, or the information that the set repeater is not no longer reachable. The roaming channels can be divided into zones, similar to the conventional channels, which correspond for example to geographical regions. So it would be conceivable to use the device both in a professional company radio environment and later with a different ID in amateur radio.

Or several family members share a device.

Anytone AT-D578UV Plus Dual Band DMR Mobile Transceiver

The device also has a connector for an external GPS antenna. The antenna connection is a PL socket. Register Log in Wishlist 0 Shopping cart 0 You have no items in your shopping cart. Personal menu. Back Accessories. Back Work Security Education. Back Education International Coverage. Back Festival Organisers Festival Goers.

Manufacturer: Anytone. Overview Specifications Contact Us. Products specifications. Related products. All rights reserved. Powered by nopCommerce.QRZ Forums. Tags: anytone at-duv anytone at-duviiipro. It has a full duplex dual receiver with crossmode and crossband capabilities. VA2PVDec 24, Thanks for the review Pascal. Looks like a lot of nice features. N6NLXDec 31, KN0A likes this. I agree, they definitely need a remote head option.

Mounting space is at a premium. N2SABDec 31, AA1PRDec 31, N2IDD likes this. Super for dmr!! Perfect modulation. Great video.

The network is built well enough that I have been all over the state and have been able to access the system from the HT with a rubber duck from inside my car. For that simple reason, I felt absolutely no need for a DMR mobile. However, I did not know about the cross-mode repeat. That is suddenly making the radio tempting. W4EAEJan 2, Great Review. So far I like the ease of Code Plug exchange between the and N2IDDJan 8, Please make sure the codeplug is saved to PC before your do the update and reset.

The PC found Windows the driver that worked just by plugging in and turning on the radio. Resolved the issue that digital — digital cross band repeater function will cause the radio stuck. Resolved the issue that B band digital channel no audio when A band analog channel in scanning mode.

Resolved the issue that key will not save the contact and color code when digital monitor is ON. Resolved the issue that Menu and Exit key on microphone is invalid when repeater function is ON. Download: CPS Version 1. The reset itself will take a minute or more.

AT-D578UV Firmware Updates

You need to set the correct information by using the Channel Knob. You should now load your saved Code Plug into the radio. No special set-up is required to write a codeplug into the radio.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting our website. China Two Way Radios. Resolved the analog APRS can not reach aprs. Resolved the green indicate light flash issue during scan. Improved the Weather alarm function. When cross band repeater function is ON, the TX prohibit function will be invalid. Resolved the issue that AES code only 32numbers when open a codeplug.

The red LED light should now blinking, and the radio has entered into firmware update mode.

AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPRO Support Page

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at d578uv mobile

Click here for more information. Log in with Facebook or. Remember Me. You have no items in your shopping cart. Sorry, your search produced no results. Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords Try more general keywords. Read Full Description. Availability: In Stock. GTIN: Read All Reviews 1 Add your review. Color TFT Display 1. User changeable display and font colors. Tech Specs Bluetooth New Bluetooth feature compatible with many newer car entertainment systems and Bluetooth devices.

It cannot be guaranteed that it will work with all of these devices. Anytone will continue improving the Bluetooth function to allow more device and car models in the future. No timeframe for these future Bluetooth updates is available. Display 1. Software importable worldwide amateur contact database.

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at d578uv mobile

A lot of confusion can be prevented if they fix their item discription. As far as the radio goes, buy it and buy it now. What are you waiting for? Was this review helpful? Write a Customer Review Product review was submitted successfully, thanks! Write a review of this product and share your opinion with others. Review title. Overall Rating.

AnyTone AT-D578UV III PRO In-Depth Review DMR Mobile

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Anytone AT-D578UVIII Pro, DMR/Analog/Tri-Band/Crossmode/Crossband Radio

Any regulatory authority approval e. FCC certification may become invalid by the use of this information. Users should always ensure that they and their radios are operating in accordance with their licence conditions. Many of these mods may also invalidate any manufacturer warranty you may have.

In any case, the user alone accepts all responsibility and risk from the use of this information and tools provided here. Is the CPS software really safe to use? Anyone familiar with the AnyTone handheld DMR handheld will instantly be at home using this radio. But the is more than just an crammed into a mobile radio case. Rated for 60 watt output on VHF and 45 watts on UHF, channels,digital contacts, true simultaneous dual receive including dual same band RX, the has been eagerly anticipated, and well worth the wait.

Not all of these modifications are my own ideas, and credit has been given to the original author of the information as best as I have been able to find. Each modification is rated on a difficulty scale as follows: Easy : no specialist skills required, easy soldering, minimal disassembly. The radio has certain band limits that can be changed to suit local requirements, and this can be set to one of several options by the user. There are four ways you can correct this issue. Choose the one that best suits you:.

The red circle indicates byte 0x, which determines what band the codeplug is, change that data to 0E for band 14, or change it to 12 for band Also note how the offset address shown in HxD indicates where your cursor is placed.

These measurements were all made in Narrowband FM mode. Wideband FM results are 4dB higher. DMR sensitivity is listed as being Note carefully that unless you have special power measuring test equipment, able to read peak pulse power with a duty cycle correction factor of 0.

I strongly recommend you go through each setting and write down what they are before making any adjustments Setting Adj. The back side of the display board. Also visible is the BlueTooth module. BlueTooth removed. The front side of the display board.

The main board top side:. The main board under side:. Close up of the twin 38 MHz IF crystal filters. Modifying the internal speaker for extra volume Advanced extensive disassembly The internal speaker of the can be made to be slightly louder.

Testing shows a 2dB improvement in output volume, which isn't a lot, but might make the difference if you're in a noisy environment.These instructions should work well for other DMR radios as well so lets get started. Please do not expose the radio to direct sunlight for a long period of time or place the radio near excessive heat. There are videos and instructions in various places showing how to put the DUV into the mode for updating the firmware. Anytone and Btech both have US distributors which is a real plus.

My Anytone AT UHF amateur tranceiver, transmits normally in full, medium or low power, without problems in the whole amateur uhf band, in simplex mode. The device also has a connector for an external GPS antenna. Unlike many other DMR radios, Anytone AT-DUV has a true VFO, which makes it operationally much closer to the amateur radio style: you can vary the frequency and all other parameters as in a traditional radio instead of using only pre-programmed memories. The radio offers space for zones channels per zone4, channels, 10, andtalkgroups digital contacts.

The audio on receive is really loud. While holding the Menu key down, press the star key.

at d578uv mobile

Power may be selected at 6, 4, 2. The reason for not giving it a 5 is of course the manual but even that is understandable versus some I have read.

The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues. The version we sell includes programming cable and a mAh lithium battery. The AnyTone CB is a 10 meter band unit although marketed as 11 meter band. You may unsubscribe at any moment. At last Anytones awaited mobile rig! Write the codeplug to the radio — Turn the radio on. It is, by far, the best antenna that comes included with a radio.

Traditional FM is of course equally supported. I think it has a lot to do with the timing of pressing and releasing buttons but this works for me.

Let see my first impressions with him. Both radios will be FCC approved and supported with an enhanced software programming package. This is the v1. The romaing feature of the DUV can be triggered manually or via a timer allowing the radio to switch to the strongest relay.

Charging outside this range may not fully charge the battery. You just found it! A wide variety of anytone options are available to you, such as handheld. There are several parts that all have to be setup properly for everything to work the way you want it. Please use the supplied antenna to ensure good communication.

The Anytone AT-DUV is equipped with the new roaming feature that allows you to automatically switch to a pre-defined relay in a list while roaming. For that purpose, please find our contact info in the legal notice.