Puppeteer selector

puppeteer selector

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To explain why using the text node text is wrong in some cases, let's look at an example:. Here are the XPath expressions for contains. So in most cases, it makes more sense to use the.

puppeteer selector

You may use a XPath selector with page. Check out clickByText in this gist for a complete example. It takes care of escaping quotes, which is a bit tricky with XPath expressions. You can also use page. Alternatively, you can use page. There is no supported css selector syntax for text selector or a combinator option, my work around for this would be:.

Learn more. Puppeteer: Click on element with text Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 10 months ago. Active 5 months ago. Viewed 83k times. Is there any method didn't find in API or solution to click on element with text? Aleksandr Golubovskij Aleksandr Golubovskij 2 2 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. Shared the answer here: stackoverflow.

Abu Taher Jan 8 '18 at Did you find Answer? Active Oldest Votes. The current top answer by tokland only works on text nodes and not on nodes with other elements inside. Thomas Dondorf Thomas Dondorf Awesome - I tried to do it for other tags, but can't make it work.

puppeteer selector

How would you do that? Grant Miller Grant Miller Kamen Kamen 41 2 2 bronze badges. The solution is await page. Alex A Alex A 65 1 1 bronze badge.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. So there is a page that I want to perform some action on with puppeteer. The problem is that there is a text area in which I want to type in something however the id of it is :.

As you might have guess for some reason only pin-draft-title remains the same but the whole number part changes for every refresh so puppeteer can't find it. So the main question is is there any way i can just select it using the pin-draft-title part and no matter what numbers follow it still selects it?

In case of javascript, if you want to select all the elements whos ID starts with a specified string or pattern, in your case "pin-draft-title", then consider using the following syntax. Learn more. Html selector using Regex Ask Question. Asked 2 days ago. Active 2 days ago. Viewed 24 times. Hadi Pawar Hadi Pawar 1 1 gold badge 7 7 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Adil Ahmed Adil Ahmed 9 9 bronze badges.

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puppeteer selector

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pyppeteer 0.2.2

Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.In this post i will show you cool examples you can do with Google Puppeteer : The headless Chrome bundled by Chrome Lab team in Google. Scrap data from web, test your user interfaces, render your website to check SEO related things will be covered in this post.

You want to learn what is Puppeteer and how to install it? Check the end of this post. The first basic thing is to visit a website with Puppeteer. Screenshot can take some optional parameters. What if i want to take a screenshot of a specific region in a page?

For example i want to automate screenshotting Amazon navigation header… Possible with the Clip option that has x,y coordinates and width and height parameters :. First go to device descriptor file and choose your preferred device name. Here we are visiting google.

We load the page, we wait for an element to be sure of its load. Then we use page. Line 5, we set the referer in HTTP header to avoir detecting us as a bot.

Now you may asking yourself how to set up a proxy to avoid problems with some websites. Thank you Eric for claryfing this. What i mean with that : Google Chrome 41 I will write a post for a more complete Googlebot like environment.

Note : If you install Chrome 41, it will automatically update to latest version. Eric BidelmanGoogle engineer working on headless Chrome, has published a cool script checking a website againt Google WRS features and alert you if your website does implement a non supported stuff. Here another useful thing with Puppeteer we can intercept HTTP requests and abort some of them depending on the request url, type.

We could use this feature to automate 3rd party scripts performance audit. We block scripts and see how do they actually cost on a website performance. You would need to grab the HTML source of a loaded page?

Yesterday Bill asked on Twitter if people test their contact forms time to time to ensure that they still working. The fun fact : I was just writing this part of the post. So here i share with you how we can test my contact form. Note : The selectors seem to be complicated but here is how you could get any selector on any form :. Useful but only for on-shot testing. It would be much better to make this run on a regular basis no?

We schedule the script to run every Monday on 10 Am so we will receive a testmail. After my last talk about webperformance, many of you asked me about automating code coverage check in order to integrate it with your CI for example. You can check for it manually through Chrome Dev Tools console or Google Lighthouse performance audit. Last for this post cool stuff we can do with Puppeteer is to record a tracing and save it. The saved Json file could be imported by Chrome to audit performance and scripting issues.

With Google Puppeteer, the same concept, Google Chrome is the puppet that we will manipulate to do some tasks on web. Ok so we will use Node.With Puppeteer, it is much easier to automate UI tests of your website.

It is important to understand how Puppeteer works. Any task that you perform in a browser with the mouse actions can be programmed in headless Chrome. For eg.

For programming these functionalities, Puppeteer first requires to locate the element on which it has to click or type etc. But, sometimes it is even hard to locate an element with these selectors.

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In those cases, you need to locate the element yourself. We have already discussed how to set up and write your first test in Puppeteer here.

In this article, we will discuss how to locate a link element with certain text. Sometimes finding an element can be quite tricky in Puppeteer. The direct functions available in Puppeteer to locate an element with a certain ID, CSS class or XPath do not give desired results sometimes and will leave you with an error saying "Element not found".

Hence, we do need more flexibility to find elements. You need to open and close the browser at starting and end of every test as discussed in my previous blog here. After opening the browser and going to our specified URL i. Once we have all the links, we will check for our specific text and return the link with our required text. This is how we can do that:. Here you can see that the element with text "Lets Check It Out" is found. You can also find a snapshot in the same folder with name screenshot.

If you would like to know when your users face bugs or errors, please check out Browsee. It is user analytics platform where you can see how users actually used your site and learn from it. Share this.Values means " value " attributes present in option, and it is not the text that dropdown shows. You can use the select function to choose the multiple values from a dropdown, there is only one modification from selecting single dropdown and multi-dropdown in puppeteer, which is user have to pass multiple values to the select function from the second parameter.

Google Puppeteer tutorial : 12 examples to play with

It may sound weird, but we can select the value from the dropdown using the type function present in puppeteer, Not just in puppeteer. You can select a dropdown value in real manual life as well, please do try once. In puppeteer you do not have a direct method to retrieve the selected value from the dropdown, so we have to use attribute value to fetch the selected value from the dropdown.

You can use javascript and check whether the value from the dropdown is selected or not, please do not confuse the javascript that you are using in the test case. I am talking about executing javascript on the browser.

In other automation tools you might have heard it like JavascriptExecutor. We can get the selected value from the dropdown using jQuery, And we can also check whether a particular value is selected or not. Sometimes we might need to get the number of dropdowns present on the page, it is simple to get it. We need to use a selector which matches all the dropdown, for example, almost all the dropdowns standard are created using select tag.

You can get all the options present in the dropdown using the selector which combines both dropdown and options. All standard dropdowns are created using select tag and value are created using option tag.

In the above code, you got all the options so from that we will be able to check whether an option is resent or not using simple if. In below code, we are checking whether Yahoo is present in the options are not. Question for thought, drop the answer in the comment box. How do you get all the dropdown options present on the webpage I mean if 10 dropdowns are present, I would like to know all the options present in all the 10 dropdowns?

Select Dropdown in Puppeteer Table of content Select a value Dropdown in Puppeteer Select Multiple Values from the dropdown in Puppeteer Select dropdown value using type Get selected value from the dropdown in puppeteer Dropdowns with Jquery in Puppeteer How many dropdowns are present on a page.

Select a value Dropdown in Puppeteer. Select Multiple Values from the dropdown in Puppeteer. Select dropdown value using type. Get selected value from the dropdown in puppeteer. Using getAttribute "value" will return only null, so remember it and do not use it. If there is no match for Given selector then you will receive below errot. Dropdowns with Jquery in Puppeteer. How many dropdowns are present on a page. Javascript returns 1 if a value is present in an array otherwise Point our Mistakes and Post Your Suggestions.

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See also page in html form imports-manager. What is the expected result? You can play around with the waitUntil options in page.

Select Dropdown in Puppeteer

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XML XPath With JS

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Sign up. New issue. Jump to bottom.The way you reference a UI element of your target web application for Puppeteer and Playwright to interact with is through CSS selectors. Becoming proficient in the usage of such selectors is therefore a requirement for writing quality scripts. Ideally, you want to have robust selectors in place since the inception of the script to save yourself time and effort going forward.

Leveraging an automated recording tool e. Looking at the source code of the page. The attributes of a good selector are: Uniqueness : the goal is to choose something that will identify the target element, and nothing else; IDs are the natural choice, when available. Stability : choosing an attribute that is not likely to change over time as the page gets updated lowers the chances that you will need to manually update it. Conciseness : a short selector is easier to read, understand and possibly replace if it finally breaks.

Examples of bad selectors Avoid this kind of selector whenever possible:. CSS selector intro from Mozilla. Finding selectors.

Choosing selectors. Examples of bad selectors. Examples of potentially good selectors. Further reading.