Vol 8, no 2 (2015)

This issue of Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management counts with eight papers that focus on strategic, tactical and operational aspects of supply chain management. The paper from Nyaoga, Magutu and Aduda explores the link between supply chain strategies and firm performance. Radanlievin its turn, develops a framework based on the supply chain architecture, design, and engineering literature that offers guidelines on how practitioners can decompose and build a green-field new and non-existent supply chain.

We also have three papers on specific supply chain strategies. Pereira and Silva and Bradaschia and Pereirafor instance, explore the concept of supply chain resilience and its antecedents. With the use of case studies, the former shows how the management of buyer and supplier interfaces, of risk, and of knowledge can enhance resilience in a supply chain while the latter adds that flexibility is also a vital enabler of supply chain resilience.

Ferreira, Bertan and Pimenta then show the importance of inter-organizational integration to achieve the outcomes expected by companies. This volume also counts with papers focused on logistic services, transportation, and inventory management - key decision areas in supply chain management. Liane Okdinawati, Simatupang and Sunitiyoso review the literature on collaborative transportation management and suggest areas for future research in the field and Yang provides an overview of the third-party logistics providers in the United States for investigating how the industry has evolved to meets customers' needs in an environment marked by global supply chains.

Finally, this issue has a technical note on a stochastic two-echelon model to solve the petrol station replenishment problem. This model offers insights on how firms can devise a replenishment policy to minimize inventory costs, in the long run, given the demand pattern. This issue of JOSCM, therefore, covers new and exciting topics in supply chain management that I hope will provide you an informative and pleasant reading.

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Dear readers, This issue of Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management counts with eight papers that focus on strategic, tactical and operational aspects of supply chain management. Characterization of cross-functional integration level: A multi case study in Agribusiness Organizations.

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By continuing to browse this web-site you agree to use cookies and the above service. More about cookies. User Username Password Remember me Not a user? Register with this site Forgot your password? PDF Eng. Abstract The paper presents preliminary results and interpretation from an ongoing research project in the Novy Afon and Abrskil caves of Abkhazia.

Drip water isotopic composition is similar to that from lakes and pools. It reflects a possible result from secondary condensation and evaporation and water-rock interaction, and depends on the climate aridity level. Vladimir G. Abstract Regional data on climate, river runoff and inventory of glaciers within High Mountainous Asia were used as informational basis to elaborate new approach in computing components of the hydrological cycle glaciers runoff, evaporation, precipitation.

In order to improve and optimize the calculation methodology, 4 homogeneous groups of glaciers were identified in the largest Asian river basins, i.

As the classification criteria for 53 glaciers located there, the author consistently used 8 gradations of orientation azimuth and 23 gradations of area. Calculating of the hydrological regime of glaciers was performed on the example of several Asian river basins. It has been shown that in the drainless basins in Asia, the only potential factor of the glacial influence on the changes in global Ocean level is the seasonal amount of evaporation from the melted surface of perennial ice and old firn.

These results and published sources were used for re-evaluation of the previous conclusions on the influence of glacier runoff on change of the Ocean level.

Comparison of measured and calculated annual river runoff, which was obtained by means of modeling the components of water-balance equation, showed good correspondence between these variables. Dharmaveer SinghSanjay K. JainR. Abstract There is growing concern, how and to what extent future changes in climate will affect human society and natural environments. This, in turn, may modify global climate system during 21st century that very likely would have larger impacts than those observed during 20th century.

At present, Global Climate Models GCMs are only the most reliable tools available for studying behaviour of the climate system. This paper presents a comprehensive review of GCMs including their development and applications in climate change impacts studies. Following a discussion of the limitations of GCMs at regional and local scales, different approaches of downscaling are discussed in detail.

Amir Mor-MusseryArie Budovsky. Abstract One of the consequences of soil erosion in arid and semi-arid environments is the emergence of rocky shrublands. While their existence is well documented, gaps exist in our understanding of processes affecting the soil fertility inside them and in their surrounded environment which is crucial for their successive sustainably management. Our aims were as follows: i assessing the impact of various parameters geographical, chemical and physical on the herbaceous cover in shrublands located in arid rocky areas; ii assessing the impact of the rocky topography on the fertility parameters at the inter-patches and surrounded matrix areas.

Geographically, the site of study is located in private family farm at Chiran area, northern Negev, Israel. It has semi - arid climate precipitation mm year-1 with hilly rocky topography. Ecologically the area is sustainably grazed shrubland characterized by patch-matrix patterns. From each patch we took soil and herbaceous biomass samples from predefined locations based on the geographical patterns of each group.Libellarium: journal for the research of writing, books, and cultural heritage institutions.

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vol 8, no 2 (2015)

Research infrastructure in Slovenia and the role of academic libraries. Author's rights in the digital age: how Internet and peer-to-peer file sharing technology shape the perception of copyrights and copywrongs. E-book perception of Croatian students. The role of modern academic libraries : survey of perceptions and experiences of graduate students in social sciences and humanities.

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vol 8, no 2 (2015)

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Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management

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vol 8, no 2 (2015)

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